30 Days of DevOps, Day 5-7: *insert Goldilocks analogy here*

I bring it to the blues, I pay all my dues So what's gone's dead, let me use my forehead Easy pack it up man, let me stop stalling Cause everything I do is like falling -T. the Dove
A note about a minor adjustment: blog posts and detailed markdown daily logs are nice and all, but probably not as valuable (to me, at least) as actual hands on experience with DevOps tools. That with some other time-wasting bullshit of the profoundly annoying variety* produces the "daily" update schedule you see here. Once again, NOBODY CARES. But I shall persevere in my delusions that someone does. So Git, you are obviously a awesome tool, but you're bringing me down. So less gittin' until there's actual code. But more towards the title reference, it's been back the the *aaSes. Any and all promotions/credits have come through, so it was time to do something with all of these clouds floating around. So I start off with GCP and at some point during the setup (I forget exactly when right now, but it's pretty early) you get a choice of 4 languages to enable for a specific project; Java, PHP, Python, or Go. Where's Ruby? 🙁 Now, to be clear, I still know bupkis for Ruby at this point. But, I do know how often it is mentioned in job postings. I was also able to find out fairly quickly that this used to be an issue, but not so much now. However, I'm already being slightly obtuse by not starting with AWS, so at this point I decided to do just that, and check out AWS. Whelp, the thing I have been most excited for with AWS was the native Chef integration for automated deploy/provisioning. And since AWS seems to do a lot less handholding at the outset, I decided this would be a good place to start. So I create a Rails App Server layer (with only vaguely understanding what that it), define an instance, and fire it up. And it runs out of virtual memory and fails the setup. Because it's a t1.micro instance. *sigh* This is exactly why I didn't pick AWS. As little as I understand in this arena, I have a pretty good sense of how a software vendor is relating/selling to their customers based on their market position. I mentioned my 13 free GApps domains before. Remember when you couldn't buy GApps? Like, it was free-only? And now, not so much. If you are going to provide me with free tools to try out the service, Amazon, you probably shouldn't make them so gimped that they can't even run.** So I'm pretty sure AWS is in the "Yeah, free tier, blah blah, wevz" phase of their marketshare/product lifecycle. So, who's left? ... Yes Microsoft, I see your hand is up. Calm down, you're gonna rupture something with all that frantic hand waving. So over to Azure, with my BizSpark! subscription (somewhere a junior marketer in Redmond just flashed back to the time his Azure developer engagement pitch got passed over, and a little part of him died that day). Much like AWS+Chef, I was excited to try the Puppet+Azure integration that was announced recently. So I did that. And it was a snap! So I ran away. I really do like software that "just works". I like Active Directory, because I'd rather just get a new employee up and running, rather than bash my head against Open Directory/LDAP+Kerberos+CALDAV+Postfix+etc. But that shit was seductively easy. And this is a learning exercise, and I learned absolutely nothing from firing up that Enterprise PuppetMaster instance on Azure. Soooo.....  back to GCP. I don't know Java, Python, PHP, Go, or Ruby, so why do I care? At the outset Google gives you two options for a jumstart;1 - A preconfigured"photofeed" app using GAppEng+Gloud*** DB backend, SQL-esque or Not-so-SQLy, and a chunk of Gloud Datastore for blobs of the photos, and 2 - A mobile backend stack for Android/iOS development. I'm going to try the latter, and see what I get in a few days. I'm sure it will "change everything". X-D *Oregon UI Dept, I am sorry that I sound so mad when I call you. I'm not mad at you. You're no roadrunner, but it's not your fault that certain people can justify lying so easily. **To be fair, I tried to launch that instance again, and it started. But it seems clear that t1.micro instances are going to be a pain to deal with. ***Yep, came up with this while typing, and it shall be the new shorthand for the GCP. Because it has more letters. That makes sense, right?
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