30 Days of DevOps: From newb to ?

*Edit* First day's accomplishments can be found here: Daily.log for 4/2/2014 Well that was fast. It seems like just yesterday I was learning the 5 components needed for POST. Or how subnetting works. Or bumping up against Active Directory for the first time. Or building a 2U 3TB RAID5 file server to host a backup snapshot repository. Or doing disaster recovery planning for the first time. Then I woke up one morning less than two weeks ago and I was filing for unemployment for the first time, a little more than a month shy of my 37th birthday. And as I go job hunting, I see the words "Engineer", "Ruby", "Agile", "Jenkins", etc etc etc... But the one I keep seeing more and more of is DevOps. And the one that is disappearing faster than polar bears  is SysAdmin. Guess which one I am? It shouldn't be that surprising, I guess. IT has always been a churn. I'm pretty sure I could find the point in my father's sales career when his experience at IBM and Prime Computers didn't seem to land him the same caliber of jobs. He certainly kept up and worked hard, but I suppose it is somewhat inevitable that as you get older it's going to get harder to keep pulling your feet out of the tar pit. The whole system is geared towards constant acceleration, and I'm pretty sure I'm not Benjamin Button, so staying on top of the churn is probably an unreasonable project. Fortunately for me, I have a moronic affinity for unreasonably difficult projects. Just ask my wife about my '86 VW Vanagon. So here's the deal: 30 days, with at least 2 hours a day dedicated to learning DevOps tools, principles, and platforms (I did mention that I'm unemployed, right? That mortgage ain't gonna get paid with blog posts, so some job hunting will have to get done). Even if a job comes along, I'll see it through to the end. And at the end, there will be:

A Web-Based app running on an IaaS/PaaS that has the details of it's construction (both the stack and the app) in a public revision control system. In addition, the app/stack will be managed by a configuration management tool, and have some form of event-driven functionality. Also, learn some Java and Python already, fer christsakes.

I'll also detail my journey here daily, possibly with long rants on what I'm encountering, or possibly just link to a page on github. But either way, my plan/hope is twofold; 1 - get a working knowledge of these tools, and 2 - show other SysAdmins that you don't have to let yourself be discarded by the machine that brought you Flappy Bird. We survived Windows Vista, we can do this. So, as my cursor drifts towards the "publish" button, it's 5 til 10:00 AM, PST. I'm gonna go get another cup of coffee, clear my mind, and jump in. Wish me luck.
You're gonna need it. -H. Solo
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