30 DoDOs – Day 2: Git it? NOPE.

But I'm tryin' real hard, Ringo. -J. Winnfield

Tyler B's Quick Pain Cake Recipe

  • Take half-baked project idea, born of equal parts curiosity, fear, procrastination, and excessive free time
  • Add software tool developed personally by the father of the Linux kernel. DO NOT gently add, with good basic understanding of version control principles, centralized or distributed, as that would seriously detract from the delicious pain. Throw that shit in there all at once.
  • Add a fancy desktop UI app. This will make your pain batter look like it's not painful at all, but never fear, the pain lurks below.
  • Add one tablespoon of StackOverflow post for advanced functionality giving commands-only (NOT the kind with descriptions/explanations of the commands, that's like Splenda™).
  • Stir vigorously, with your eyes half-closed. Swear. Give up. Realize you are doing all this with the whole world possibly watching. *pssst* nobody's watching at all lololol Go out and RTFM. Realize you are a dumb-ass.
Enjoy the pain! Good thing you're cooking for one! So yeah, Git. Github. Looks really simple. Guess what? Not so simple. And doing this before I had any idea what I was doing was unwise. So yesterday was spent A) wasting time writing overly long blog posts, B), doing stuff to actually make some money, and C) coming to terms with how much I am not a developer, or have basic understanding of dev tools. But after reading some very helpful online documentation at the tail edge of my ability to stay awake, I began to get it. Then I woke up at 5:23 AM, excited to try stuff in Git. Oh my god. am I becoming a developer? HAHA no. But I do find it funny how there's a lot of "register for Developer access" out there, which has about as much background checking as registering for a RiteAid frequent shopper card. So yeah, I will put an actual list of stuff accomplished in a Git branch on the 30Dodos repo, and link to it later. But for now, I feel a little bit like a certain country boy you might be familiar with.
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