30 DoDOs – Day 3/4: Maintenance Window/Taking a mulligan

Some of the worst mistakes of my life have been haircuts -J. Morrison Showing up every day isn't enough. There are a lot of guys who show up every day who shouldn't have showed up at all. -J. Caan
All it took was 1/2 a week for daily nonsense to derail this silly little project. *Slow clap* But the thought of writing a post owning up to this failure in the first 1/10th of the undertaking was slightly more palatable than having 3 posts that were supposed to be 31, so here we are. And I'm going to turn lazy into lazyade here with the following takeaway; I read a lot/often about how DevOps/Lean Startup/Cloud Computing/etc is a revolution in tech. And it certainly is quite a shift, although I find that some of the sentiments along these lines are often somewhat hyperbolic. One time I read a post that DevOps is a "socio-political movement". This prompted me to go read the wikipedia entry for Political Sociology, just to make sure I wasn't taking crazy pills. But I certainly agree that the shift DevOps heralds is a fundamental one, and it's one that puts the developer center-stage. Did I mention before I'm not a developer? Pretty sure I did. But this made me think about something that I've noticed, which is that DevOps/Iterative Development/CI/Least Viable Product/etc are all about continuing to take steps forward, no matter how small. Also, "forward" can  be repositioned at regular intervals. But it's basically about movement, adjustment, and feedback from every new point in space you find yourself at. Traditional IT is not that. At least, not in my experience. Traditional IT is about the big push, the mass deploy, the PROJECT, and the subsequent constant vigil over what you've built. If the new paradigm if DevOps is setting a Guinness World Record for longest domino train, then IT is setting the record for the longest motorcycle  jump over school busses. So I guess I need to work on my domino train skills. Or my blogging skills. Yep, in re-reading this post, definitely my blogging skills. Anyway, things accomplished in Day 3/4:
  • Some Git repo cleanup
  • Some more reading on the basics of Git
  • Looking at JSON (as the cookbook file format for Google Cloud deploy automation)
  • Dealing with the nuts and bolts of getting the AWS/AWS Activate/Google Cloud Platform/Google Dev Credit for GCP set up. Nothing running yet, tho.
So, onward. Possibly upward. No guarantees, though.
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