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Dieyuhbiddis, I’m a commin’ fer ya…

Pre-TL;DR – I raised some money. Wanna help me raise some more? I’ll give you a fake mustache if you donate. DONATE HERE: Hey, guess what!? I asked people for money, AND THEY GAVE IT TO ME! Well, not to me. That would be foolish. They gave it to people 1,000x times better than me. So there […]

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Preface: I am not a “Oregonian” by many people’s standards. I feel that my decision to be a first wave Portlandia immigrant was dumb luck for a kid who chronically tried to hard to ever be really cool. Regardless, this post will probably  sound like ridiculous hipster navel-gazing and/or ivory tower bullshit. All I can […]

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30 Days of DevOps, Day 8-lol: An Unholy Creation

Today will NOT be know as Taco Tuesday, but FREEDOM FRIDAY! … …but STILL! ON! A TUESDAY! -W. Style (aka Lucy) I! AM! A MASTER BUILDER! -T. Special (aka Emmett) If you haven’t seen The Lego Movie yet. I have nothing to say to you. Stop. Stop right now. Turn off your computer/iPhone/Galaxy Tab/Chumby, stop […]

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Parental interlude

So as she is wont to do, Kelly Hogaboom posted a beautiful, touching, nuanced blog post about mother/parenthood and her daughter over at one of her blogs. Now I’m a pretty weak-sauce also-ran in the blogosphere when it comes to putting myself next to K-Boom, but I feel like you can’t really hold me at fault […]

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Hey @MayorPDX, Charlie Hayles!

Google just handed you a guaranteed re-election. I suggest you take them up on that offer.

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Marc Peruzzi: Shitty writer, skier bigot.

Got, I really need to stop doing this. I’m breaking my own rule of arguing on the internet (the rule is when you do it, you immediately lose. At life). But THIS INJUSTICE WILL NOT STAND, MARC PERUZZI! In response to this shitty, shitty editorial, “Can Snowboarding be Saved?” @ Outside Magazine Online: –begin rant– […]

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Bike commuting thoughts

I’ve wanted to write something about how my attitudes have evolved towards being a CYCLIST, and even more so a DAILY COMMUTER CYCLIST, but instead I just puked most of it out on some poor unsuspecting newb soul in a reddit comment thread. So here’s some copypasta: Wear a helmet. Always. Any reasons for not wearing a helmet […]

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LOL Tum-Blahr

    Yeah, that’s badge-worthy. Those engagement #’s starting to dip? Yeah, thought so.

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I still like the good ol’ WWW. Why? Because of stuff like this: Dan’s Data: PC Fan Maintanence This page fills me with joy and incredible sadness simultaneously. Joy, because I was looking at replacing a 70x70x25mm 4-pin case fan in my QNAP TS-219p Home NAS. For those of you who didn’t just say “Wow, […]

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Sorry, Comcast. My bad.

So one of the heavy burdens of working in tech is that is if something technical (e.g. your home internet) stops working properly, you are obliged by that malformed part of your brain that got you into IT in the first place to figure out WHY.  This can lead to all kinds of silliness, and […]

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