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The 100-Acre Patriarchy

So Nate came down with a 101 fever yesterday. Which is sad, but no big whoop. This morning, he’s still feelin’ pretty crappy, so I get him snuggled in on the couch. He asks for a movie, of course, which would normally be verbotten in the AM. But child+fever=overly permissive parent, so off we go […]

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Ok, the number if ideas I’ve had for blog posts in the past few weeks has finally gotten to a critical mass that I must, I must, I must enhance my online presence with more time-sinks that very few, if any, will read. But I must share. So share I shall. The specific idea that […]

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XKCD needs to do some clever comic..

…about the inevitable 1.5+ year pause in personal blogs. Maybe something about the percentage of re-engagement.

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Apropos of my last post…

Now I’m not trying to assign any kind of moral certainty to the evernts of the last couple of days, but if you are going to be this guy, this week would be the week to be this guy. On Youtube.

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My Finest Parenting Moment To Date

So we’re out in the driveway, riding trikes, etc etc etc. I am hit with the realization that this little cell replication factory hasn’t crammed anything in his food hole for 2+ hours. So I try the following line: “Hey Nate, do you want to go have some BITES OF SAMMMICH?!! *beat* “NO!” *starts crying* […]

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In which Tyler discusses matters of utmost import.


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Just a reminder of how great Fight Club is

From the IMDB trivia page for the movie: The original “pillow talk”-scene had Marla saying “I want to have your abortion”. When this was objected to by Fox 2000 Pictures President of Production┬áLaura Ziskin,┬áDavid Fincher said he would change it on the proviso that the new line couldn’t be cut. Ziskin agreed and Fincher wrote […]

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Jasmine and Nate

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The 16-year-old-liberal-me just threw up in his mouth.

I just did the following little Wikipedia experiment. Try it with me. Go to this page: Go look through the list. There’s some unpleasant stuff there. What is really fascinating is the radiation accident from Mayak, where 200+ people died. Soooo, like, 4 Chernobyls. Hmmm, never heard about that one. Go figure. But wait. […]

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Life’s great mysteries….

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