I still like the good ol' WWW. Why? Because of stuff like this: Dan's Data: PC Fan Maintanence This page fills me with joy and incredible sadness simultaneously. Joy, because I was looking at replacing a 70x70x25mm 4-pin case fan in my QNAP TS-219p Home NAS. For those of you who didn't just say "Wow, nice blog engagement writing there, dorkbot2million", IKNOW, RITE?! 70MM? 4-PIN? Whyyyyyyyy.... (Side note: I've had that QNAP 219p NAS for, jeez, 6 years? 7? QNAP is still releasing software and firmware updates for it. It's an Apache server, iSCSI host, media server, automatic bittorrent client, etc etc etc. It is, quite possibly, the best value, most underused piece of hardware I've ever bought). So all I had to do is Google "brushless fan repair", after some very dispirited searching for a replacement fan, and BANG! First link. "I've got 3-in-1 oil! Shit yeah, let's DO THIS!" Quiet as a mouse now. The sadness part is that I have swapped I-don't-know-how-many buzzing case fans in my day and chucked em in the garbage. I am so very sorry, untold hundreds of 80x80x20mm casefans. I didn't know any better.... But the greater point is this: you tell me the last time you saw content like this created on FB/Instagram/TheKnightsTumbelar. No, not linked there, generated there. Stackoverflow is probably the thing that most straddles the line of creating pre-made internet frameworks and actually useful info generation. But it's got nothing on this gem of a site. Thanks, Dan. Next PC I fix doing side freelancing, yr gettin' a donation  
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